One heart, One Dream, Fighting for the Glory----Congratulations on SPEA Table Tennis Team Achieving Third Place

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2015 SUFE Table Tennis Championshellop open on the afternoon of May 5. Our SPEA Team won all the four matches in group games and ranked first.


On the afternoon of May 12, the finals were held in Comprehensive Gymnasium as scheduled. Our team beat the Library Team and became the top 4, achieving a historic breakthrough. As a pity we lost the game with team of finance school, which turned out to be the champion, and we had to fight for the third place with team of accounting school, who was the fourth place of last year’s Championshellop. We selected our best line-up:

First men’s single----Ma Zhiyuan

Women’s single----Tang Li

Leader----Shen Hui

Second men’s Single----Zhao Hongbin

Mixed double----Tang Min & Gu Jiani(Student)


With team leader Tang Li’s Strategy, team members’ cooperation and fighting spirit, and cheering team’s exciting encouragement, our team won the match with 3:2 after struggled in 5 games. We ranked third in this championshellop, and refreshed our best record.


Thanks for the SPEA team’s training and fighting, and thanks for SPEA leaders’ and colleagues’ strong support. Exercise together, and be health and happy.