Congratulations SPEA on winning the third place in the tug of war competition

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On the afternoon of Dec 9, 2014, SPEA team attends the second round of the tug of war competition in Fengyu playground.


Our team reach the ground early and begin to warm up and map out strategy. We first meet with the business school team and we almost lost the game by their sneak attack. However, when we calm down, fight back, and remain unity and exertion, the magic happens and we finally win the game.


In the semi-final, we are defeated by the seed office team.


Although our team are very tired, we still beat the Foreign Language school team and win the third place in the competition. The cup would be awarded on the closing ceremony on Dec 23.


Thanks to our Hercules: Zhang Xu, Ye Fang, Dong Benwei, Wang Bin, Kang Min, Zhang Muyang, Yang Hongxing, Narisong, Shen Hui, Liu Yonghe


Thanks to our tough girls: Li Mei, Tang Li, Pan Jie, Dou Yili, Jiang Hong, Hui Jing, Pan Yongping, Liang Yanqian, Gao Xiaohui


Thanks to our cheering squad brothers and sisters: Liu Jiangqin, Li Huiping, Li Yingping, He Huawu, Yao Yuan, Jian Desan, Jia Cheng, Shen Hong, Zhang Ding


We excise, and we are happy.


Let’s excise together, and be health and happy.