SPEA Dean Liu Xiaobing attended the 12th annual Conference of Chinese Health and Economy Association Standing Council

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On 7-9 December 2017, Chinese Health and Economy Association Standing Council held the 12th annual Conference in Beijing International Conference Center. SPEA Dean Liu Xiaobing, the executive director and vice president of Chinese Health and Economy Association Standing Council, was invited to attend the opening ceremony and the annual conference.


The theme of this conference is "improving the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system, promoting the construction of healthy China". The conference is closely related to the 19th National Congress of CPC’s spirits, and focuses on the construction and development of the grading treatment system in China, and the related issues of boosting healthy China construction.


The conference was chaired by Professor Zhang Zhenzhong, vice president and Secretary General of the  Chinese Health and Economy Association. The conference invited Gao Qiang, the former director of the budget work committee of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, the Minister of the Ministry of health, and the general advisor of the Chinese health economics society made a statement. Professor Rao Keqin, vice president of the Chinese Health Economics Association, Professor Li Ling, vice president Ge Yanfeng, vice president Wu Ming, vice chairman Lei Haichao, Shanghai provincial health and Family Planning Commission’s former inspector, Xu Su, and so on, made the keynote speech. The conference also set up five sub - forums on the theory and practice of grading diagnosis and treatment, the comprehensive reform of public hospitals and the reform of the medical insurance system. The participants were more than 2000 members, including executive directors, directors, members, directors and members of various branches, academics, government departments, professionals and managers in various sectors such as medical, health, human and social sectors.


  Former Minister of the Ministry of health Gao Qiang was speaking


Professor Yu Wei, as executive director of Chinese Health and Economy Association, was also invited to participate in the 7 day afternoon's Executive Council meeting. Professor Li Hua and Professor Yang Cuiying, as directors of Chinese Health and Economy Association, were invited to participate in this event too.


Conference Hall


Classified diagnosis and treatment and medical insurance session


The theme of this conference is the problem that the government and the people of our country are concerned about and eagerly anticipate to solve. For this reason, the atmosphere of the conference is warm and fruitful.