Doctoral thesis defense and notifications of submission materials (2017.11)

promulgator:公共经济管理学院英文Release time:2017-12-08viewed:61

The doctor who has passed the blind trial is requested to prepare the  following defense materials and log in to the teaching management system  - the paper column and apply for this defense. The defense material was  delivered to the 105 Office of Fenghuang tower in November 29th. The  formal defense is expected to be arranged around December 13th. Please  pay attention to the website of the Public Management Institute for  specific time of defense.

Students who have reached the degree of  academic achievement need to apply for academic degrees in graduation  and degree column in teaching management system, and register scientific  research results in school research system. On the 29 day of November,  Mr. Dong submitted the original and photocopies of the scientific  research results.